Taxes & Incentives

Ready to deliver. Resourced for maximum tiered support.

While some locations may be quick to talk a good game, look to Brooks County for an economic development effort that delivers game-changing support for new and expanding industry right "from the jump," with the right resources and a real readiness to provide for every need. We are closers when it comes to opening new businesses and new opportunities.


Here in one of the nation's top states for business, Brooks County is amply resourced to provide a powerful boost across the board through tax credits, exemptions, and other high-value assistance, including:

  • Free workforce development created in collaboration with Georgia's highly-respected QuickStart, one of the nation's leading workforce development organizations.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 tax credits: A location in Brooks County allows your operation to leverage the best of Georgia's Tiered tax incentives, thanks to a county-wide Tier 2 designation and an Opportunity Zone Tier 1 designation for the Brooks County Industrial Park. That translates into valuable assistance of up to $4,000 in corporate tax credits per job created.
  • A full range of tax exemptions, including sales tax and use tax exemptions that can amount to five to eight % on purchases, and inventory tax exemptions such as a 100% Freeport exemption that allows for the utmost cost efficiency in the flow of both raw materials and finished goods.
  • Port Tax Credit Bonus: For Georgia companies, importing or exporting through Georgia ports can also open the option of additional jobs tax credit or an adjustment in investment tax credit.
  • Local tax abatements

An attitude of gratitude for job creators: Brooks County aggressively recruits new industry with a variety of custom-tailored local incentives, while providing dedicated support for existing industry. In Brooks County, we don't just develop-we deliver great deals and great results for our industry.

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