Regional Alliances & Resources

Geared to Grow. Allied for Greater Strength.

A Brooks County location puts your operation in the heart of a vital south Georgia region, with ample resources on the ground as our manufacturing economy gears up, and with a dense and hungry consumer market demanding more goods. Also, a regional workforce alliance between North Florida and South Georgia, with a memorandum of agreement involving five different Florida and Georgia workforce entities, is producing a talent pipeline of dynamic quality for the Brooks County industry.

Brooks County industry also benefits from regional alliances and resources that include:

OneGeorgia Authority: Eligibility for OneGeorgia Authority funds gives Brooks County added flexibility in seeking out opportunities for growth. OneGeorgia provides grants and loans for a variety of economic development activities, including and acquisition, infrastructure development to machinery purchases, and business relocation assistance and entrepreneur support. This is accomplished with funding offered through various entities including the Entrepreneur and Small Business Development Loan Guarantee (ESB) Fund, the Economic Development, Growth and Expansion (EDGE) Fund, and the Equity Fund. 

Southern Georgia Regional Commission (SRGC): This regional planning and coordination agency provides a range of support services, including 9 different loan programs through the Southern Georgia Area Resource Development Agency (ARDA) and the Southern Georgia Area Development Corporation (ADC). The SRGC also facilitates an improved quality of life through infrastructure planning and assistance and through the enhancement of Brooks County's economic development capacity.

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